The post box was a diegetic prototype idea that I ended up not including in the final buildĀ as it did not fit the direction of the project’s presentation. It does, however fit the project’s narrative themes and can be considered a part of the design fiction. I have made a simple schematic of what the post box would look like.

The Post Box Prototype 1

The postbox was one of the first ways I could think of by which physical media and paper post could preserve themselves in an age of increased interconnectivity and communications networks wired directly into people’s bodies. The current technology is already pushing postboxes into obsolescence and the trend is not very likely to reverse unless postboxes find a way to reposition themselves in a rapidly changing technological environment.

Many of the changes are superficial – the box is larger than contemporary postpoxes, allowing larger packages to fit more comfortably. The more significant difference is the way the box has adapted to its new role as the only truly secure form of sending messages. It reflects the complete revamping of the postal services which have banked heavily on automation and secure collection, transfer and depositing of post. This means that the boxes have been turned into reinforced mini-safes, secured with lock which responds to the unique signature of the owner’s implants.
The box also has an emergency removable latch next to the implant scanner, which hides a regular lock that can be opened with a key – this is in case the mechanism malfunctions. The latch, however, can not be fitted back by the owner after it’s been removed – this is so that the owner would know if anyone had attempted to open the postbox without their knowledge.