Kam Rehal is an exhibition designer and a former visiting lecturer at LCC, now teaching full time at the University of Greenwich. We were able to contact Kam and he agreed to talk to us about the realities of implementation when designing for an exhibition.

Kam’s portfolio is a good fit in terms of our project. He has a knack for the use of colours and patterns and a good sense for spatial design. Some ideas in his previous work can be adapted to our project fairly easily – for instance, the IWM installation Fashion on the Ration made use of projection mapping on translucent surfaces, much like our own soundscape tapestries. Some of the techniques and materials used are prohibitively expensive for the purposes of the William Morris brief though Kam was happy to suggest alternatives.

This is the point at which our project was able to distance itself from creating our own inferior patterns or aping the patterns of William Morris and focus on the more abstract aspects of what made Morris’ patterns tick and how this can be conveyed with less specific (and less generic) visuals. At the moment the idea is to focus on colour, giving us the opportunity to invent our own ways to create interesting visuals out of varied methods of colour implementation.

One aspect that Kam frequently stressed was the importance of testing. We are at the point in the project where the technical aspects are largely in place and we now need to focus on the visuals. For this testing different approaches will be crucial.