For the first prototype I started with the Zombie Ball and attempted to make a working routine out of it.

It was a qualified success. I have made some minor modifications to the ball itself, though none of them ended up being as important as the routine and the narrative – the thing the zombie ball sorely lacks.

This is roughly how it works out. I begin with showing off the Zombie Ball and pronouncing that it is a terrible trick.

First Prototype


I then Show a simplified version of the original trick, making the ball levitate in front of my hand.

First Prototype 1


At which point I reveal the hole on the top of the ball that I used to make it levitate by putting a finger through it.

First Prototype 2


I proceed to fill the ball with small cubes, then give it a shake so the audience can hear the cubes rattling around inside.

First Prototype 3


After this I open the ball to reveal that it’s empty

First Prototype 4
The trick is fairly simple and straightfoward as well as easy to perform. It works because it gives the audience a bit of a narrative, splitting their attention with a few gags while also keeping them guessing on what the trick is going to be. It’s not a great trick by any means, it may not even be a good one but it is already better than the original version (as confirmed by Alex who found it amusing, which is all that I can ask for really).

This is how it works