Project: Design Practice

Footsteps: Visuals

A collection of recordings that can be used as visuals for the Footsteps installation. More


Limited Contextual Research into using colour to form interesting visuals that fit with the theme of the brief. An approach we have considered is slow motion capture of different forms of paint spreading around blank surfaces. More

Meeting Kam Rehal

Kam Rehal is an exhibition designer and a former visiting lecturer at LCC, now teaching full time at the University of Greenwich. We were able to contact Kam and he agreed to talk to us about the realities of implementation when designing for an exhibition. More

The Blue Man Group

Perhaps a bit of a tangent, however, the Blue Man Group was one of the first things to pop into my head when we came up with a sound-based response to our brief. More

Testing the visualiser

The visualiser patcher is what drives the projection within the project. This meant that different approaches had to be tested. The following are some of the visuals used with the patcher to test out its functionality. More

The Visualiser

The visual presentation of our William Morris project hinges on our ability to translate the sounds in the environment into moving visual patterns. To this end I have put together a simple program in Max SP. More

The Wood Block

  First round of experiments involved a laser-cut woodblock. Still very much in the conceptual phase of the brief, the focus was on attempting to bring the artwork of William Morris and the production thereof to the masses. Using a crude, simplified woodblock to imprint water-based colours onto fabric was the first attempt to streamline the production process. More

William Morris – A Visual Guide

"Beauty mingled with invention, founded on the observation of nature, is the mainspring of decorative design. If it is not beautiful, it has no right to exist; if it is not invention it becomes wearisome; if it is not founded on observation of nature it can hardly be either beautiful or inventive. It is apt to become merely strange and monstrous when it departs far from nature."… More