Project: Thesis

Case Studies: Social Media Breakdown

Most news sites these days promote themselves and increasingly operate through their social media profiles. The alt-right is not an exception to this. The following is a short breakdown of the social media accounts linked to the case studies. More

The Reconfigured Eye

The Reconfigured Eye: Visual Truth in the post-photographic era; William J. Mitchell… More

Case Studies: A Visual Breakdown

The following are 5 known far-right publications. They cover various positions between 'slightly worse than the Daily Mail' to 'hardcore neo-nazi propaganda' and each take a different approach to the topic. The goal was to pick a varied set of samples and break down the visual hierarchy and design intent of each one. More

What Is the Alt-Right?

Trying to understand far right media is already a silly undertaking, made sillier by the fact that any attempt will get sidetracked by the inevitable reality of getting bogged down in definitions. But I made my fantastically stupid choice and so, now that I'm navigating the landscape of horrible ideas presented by horrible people, I need to put some terms into context. More