Project: Speculative Design Page 2

Notes and Ideas

  A short collection of notes which I have used to figure out which direction to take the project in. This is the stage at which I have started generating ideas and putting them together. More

The Case for Bionic Replacement

Mark Honingsbaum talks about the future of prosthetics and how people unwilling to trade their organic body parts might find themselves left behind. More

Expectations and Reality

Replacing functioning limbs with bionic prosthetics is a common science-fiction topic. While I would like my project to steer clear of the moralistic aspects of the issue, there are elements of dread and discomfort that I have been exploring within it. More

Soma’s Posthuman Existential Nightmare

The original intention for this project was to blend ideas of lovecraftean existential horror with the technological and philosophical basis behind the transhumanist movement. Frictional Games' Soma is a game that has succeeded at this. More

The Uncertainty of Horror

An interesting approach to the issues of transhumanism is through the lenses of some of the most intriguing and influential works of horror. More

BBC Radio 4: Meet the Cyborgs

Frank Swain talks about his life using advanced hearing aids and people who have begun to integrate medical and non-medical technological enhancements into their bodies. More