Project: Speculative Design

The Newspaper Prototype

Arguably the most important prototype of the lot, the newspaper is where the fiction of the world beyond the confines of the short film's frame manifests itself. … More

The Post Box Prototype

The post box was a diegetic prototype idea that I ended up not including in the final build as it did not fit the direction of the project's presentation. It does, however fit the project's narrative themes and can be considered a part of the design fiction. I have made a simple schematic of what the post box would look like. More

Uninvited Guests

The short film by Superflux explores the frictions between an old man and his smart devices. More

The Role of Print Media in the Digital Age

The book Host by Peter James was first published in 1993 on two floppy discs, generating a strong backlash and fears that the author was trying to destroy books as we know them. Nearly 25 years later, this stil has not happened. More